The Sales Rep held the choice of when a visit was more convenient.

The visit took place at the HCP's office, often at the door, waiting...

The Pharmaceutical Company decided what content to present HCPs.

The content was presented solely through a traditional single channel, often, ineffectively...
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Both the Sales Rep and HCPs are empowered to choose the best moment to conduct a visit.

The Sales Rep can now meet the HCPs anywhere and anytime...

All content is now available and one click away.

Through multichannel tools, the content is now diverse, with dynamic presentations, articles, etc...
All channels in one platform! Your business won’t be the same. Aspas brancas
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89% of HCPs use mobile devices.1

A targeted and personalized message is more effective than an undifferentiated and non-personalized message.

With repi, you are combining the ability to target and deliver a message to all HCPs in a personalized way.

1Source: Multichannel Study, ActOne Market Research.
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Sales Reps’ access to HCPs has declined by a third over the last six years, this trend should continue during the following years.2

2 Source: ZS Associates Access Monitor, 2014.
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